Covid Regulations & Gym Rules

Please note that the rules are part of the Membership Agreement.

All member, guests and staff must abide by the Rules.

Your failure to comply with the Rules may result in severe consequences, including but not limited to termination of your @Fitness membership. If you notice someone that is not obeying the rules, please notify one of our staff members and do not attempt to enforce the rules yourself. We all have a responsibility towards each other to ensure we follow the spirit of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and uphold the dignity of every person. At any time we may change these rules, and we will always have the updatedversion available on our website in the Terms and Conditions area at the bottom of every page.



  • Our facilities are for the use of our members and guests only.


  • Please remember to warm up before commencing with any exercise.


  • Please remain hydrated and remember that no food or other drinks are allowed on our training floors and studios etc.


  • No Bags are allowed on the training floors and studio’s, please ensure you make use of the valuable lockers if you like to place your bag in a more accessible area, which is also covered by CCTV.


  • Please use a sweat towel and wipe down equipment with roller towel and disinfectant after use.


  • Please enter and leave the Gym during the stipulated operating hours.


  • Pets (other than guide dogs) are not allowed into our facilities.


  • Firearms or any weapons are not permitted into our facilities, unless the weapon is in possession of an on-duty member of the police doing police business. If they are utilizingthe facility as a member, no firearm or weapon is allowed to be on the premises with them.


  • No smoking of cigarettes or any e-cigarettes are allowed in our Gym facilities.


  • Please note no photos or videos are permitted to be taken in our Gyms without prior permission received.


  • However from time to time we do have photo shoots and film videos in our Gyms, if you should be present in one of these then you consent to us using it in our branding and marketing material.


  • You may not have alcohol or drugs on our premises, or be under the influence of either while training in our facilities.


  • Fingerprints will be taken the first time you sign in to gym.


  • All members / guests must have their photo taken for the access system.


  • If your membership is in arrears or has been cancelled (including due to arrears), you will not be allowed into the Gym.


  • Handle all equipment and weights with care, and replace where you found them after use.


  • Class timetables and instructors may change from time to time and without notice too. Please check the Gym timetables for the updated timetable.


  • If you are interested in signing up with a Personal Trainer you are welcome to contact them directly (names and numbers available at Reception).


  • Only authorized @Fitness Personal Trainers are permitted to provide personal training in our gyms. Personal Training by another member is not allowed whether it’s forpayment or not. If we find someone providing unauthorized personal training, the Manager will investigate you and the person you training. Personal Trainers work forthemselves, please ensure that you sign an agreement with your personal trainer and obtain a receipt every time you purchase sessions.


  • Please ensure that you wear the correct gym attire while training on our gym floor, ensuring that you wear closed training shoes – NO sandals or flip flops.


Thank you for your assistance in making your @Fitness community a place where everyone feels welcome, safe, and free to pursue their health and wellness goals together whilst having fun!





Level 3 Gym Rules


  • Sanitize and take temperature
  • No more than 50 members in the gym
  • Sauna of limits
  • Showers off limits
  • Water fountain refill only
  • 5m social distancing
  • Clean equipment before use
  • Clean equipment after use
  • Sanitize regularly

Wear masks at all times except when training